How to Arouse Desire

At this stage, you’ve hopefully gained the trust of your audience. They ‘like and want’ what you are showing, but you need them to ‘need and love’. Do you just keep doing more of what you were doing before? Make them laugh more? Make them trust you more? Make them more curious? Teach them more... Continue Reading →

How to Sustain Interest

So you’ve managed to make your audience notice you. Maybe this just means you got a click on an email headline or stopped a thumb from scrolling an Instagram feed. But we all know what a big deal this is, given the billion other things that humans can pay attention to these days. So give... Continue Reading →

How to Seize Attention

Attention is an endangered species. Do this wrong, and you would have never crossed your audience’s minds. You will also have wasted all efforts on preparing everything that follows. The aim here is to get focused attention. So let’s cut to the chase before I lose you. Ways to get audience attention: 1 Call them out... Continue Reading →

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