Achieving AIDA – How to Persuade People Effectively


AIDA is the model for persuasion.

It isn’t groundbreaking. It just describes the way we are.

But it is timeless because we will always be this way.

It stands for attention, interest, desire, and action, and it describes the stages the buyer goes through from first being aware of the product or idea to the final purchase or commitment.

You seize the person’s attention and sustain his interest to learn more. Then you work to arouse his desires. And finally, you drive them to take action on his desires.

It sounds a bit obvious.

And yes, it doesn’t get too interesting until you start exploring HOW to achieve each stage. So let’s do that, in the context of creating content, which can be used in speech writing or copywriting.

The tips provided will help you persuade anybody in anything, but please behave.

And actually, before getting to any of these “stages”, you need to get a map.

What map? 

The map to your audience’s minds.

Don’t think for a second that you don’t need it. You cannot expect to hold their attention, get their interest, appeal to their desires, let alone trigger any action if you don’t know them.

Because the facts you know about them make up the very material of your content.

Know your audience.



  • What they care about (If they keep buying investment books, talk about how you can make them rich)
  • What keeps them up at night (If they have terrible bacne, tell them how you relate)
  • What irks them (If they hate jokes, don’t be funny)

Without knowing and addressing their needs, any other content you make up about your product, your cause or your offering are just words that take up space.

That’s what personas are for. You don’t have to have them, but you better know your audience like the back of your hand at the top of your mind. 

In fact, that was 80% of it.

The rest is just taking that understanding and creating personalized content out of it.

I have broken up the 4 stages into the following posts: 

  1. How to seize attention
  2. How to sustain interest
  3. How to arouse desire
  4. How to drive action

Please read on.

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